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Truely Amazing OMG!!!!!

2008-04-21 17:19:35 by crazygamer008

Well, im sorry to be wasting your time but i would like to tell you about a survey site called do surveys get points and get friggin free stuff!! now if your not intrested stop here. i would hate to waste your time reading if u dont wanna do it! Now for those of you who do its completely legit and im about to get a wii points card and i just getting the code sent to my email theres a lot of prizes ranging from almost all Game cards (ex: Maplestory NX) Runescape memberships and they have wii stuff ps3 stuff xbox stuff and all kinds of things so check it out!!

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Free Goodies!

If you want to learn more about the site also check out my youtube Video! J678

I also maybe picking up flash again in the summer so keep checking in for tutorials games movies and More!

Thanks For Reading

Learn Flash With this...

2007-10-28 15:52:26 by crazygamer008

so u want to learn flash well here u go it will show u basics and more and ull be on ur way to a great flash artist

Flash Tutorial

Comments or questions if u like

Hey everyone come check out my flash With saint anarchy he did a great job with and so did i but u definately should cheeck iit out esepcially if you want to learn some new things with flash . =D So go ahead CHECK IT OUT

Any flash mentors?

2007-08-17 22:32:39 by crazygamer008

hey! i use flash alot and got all the basics and some hard stuff down i can do the stuff but i just cant seem to do a actual motion tweend or fbf movie like i can do one animation then i get confused on doing the other that is why im looking for someone to help me out =D so if you would i would appreciate it im tired of making easy tutorials so i want to and im dedicated so please please help =D thanks for viewiing



2007-08-10 11:41:40 by crazygamer008

Hey everyone i just made my first flash movie. "Another Sprite Tutorial." its not that great but its definately a start everyone go check it out =D one problem with it though is i cant seem to fix the preloader .... it wont load through the load bar it will load through the browser =( i just updated it with A MUCH needed back button and some spriting site to get some sprites from and i added a title =D Well Hope u enjoy and if anyone can comment with help about the preloader it would be fantastic. Well thats it thanks everyone who helped me through flash =D