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Any flash mentors?

2007-08-17 22:32:39 by crazygamer008

hey! i use flash alot and got all the basics and some hard stuff down i can do the stuff but i just cant seem to do a actual motion tweend or fbf movie like i can do one animation then i get confused on doing the other that is why im looking for someone to help me out =D so if you would i would appreciate it im tired of making easy tutorials so i want to and im dedicated so please please help =D thanks for viewiing



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2007-08-17 22:36:07

First learn to use punctuation. After that go to or


2007-08-17 23:27:32

How can you make tutorials without knowing how to tween in flash?

crazygamer008 responds:

lol i said i new all the basics but i get confused when trying to do more then one animation.